On Wednesday April 8 we gathered to pray for families at TMB and in the wider Mount Barker Community. The points that were used to shape and focus our prayers are listed below. Please do continue to pray for families along with us. 

TMB Children & Youth
• Give thanks for God’s gift of young people within the community of Trinity Mount Barker
• Praise God for giving us children to be a vital part of His church
• Thank God for providing sound teaching from the Bible to help our children’s faith grow and develop
• Praise God for the place that children have in His church and in our community
• Thank Jesus that He cares about children and wants His church to model the Gospel in our caring for them
• Praise God for the many people in our church community who serve and teach our children especially through our children’s and youth programs
• Ask for the spiritual protection of our children & youth; particularly for those most vulnerable and at risk
• Ask for God’s healing, strength and peace for the children who are suffering illnesses within our church family.
• Ask God for wisdom and energy for the saints who prepare and teach the materials to our young people about how to learn, understand and explain clearly what the Bible says about God and how to live for Him
• Ask God to call more children to Himself, for the glory of His name and for the rapid spread of the Gospel in future generations
• Ask God to make us more aware of our guidance and nurturing as we set examples in life and faith for these young people who are so precious to God

Mount Barker Region Children & Youth
• Give thanks to God for the community of Mount Barker with its many services and provisions for children and youth
• Give thanks to God for people in our community who serve young people: Teachers, Pastoral Care Workers, Sports Coaches, Carers, Counsellors, Doctors and more
• Give thanks to God for our schools and for the many learning and development opportunities afforded to our children as they grow and develop
• Praise God for the many opportunities we have to connect and build relationships with families in the wider community through our children
• Ask God to improve our social and political systems to better protect and value children and young people
• Ask God to provide refuge and hope in the lives of children and youth in our community who have experienced or are experiencing trauma and abuse
• Ask God to provide a way forward for young people at risk of disengaging with their education or struggling with family breakdown
• Ask God to use the suffering of children in our community who are sick to reveal Himself to them in ways they understand
• Ask God to enlarge the hearts and minds of students in their senior years of study so that they may come to know and love Him

TMB Families
• Give thanks for God’s gift of family and the part they play at Trinity Mount Barker
• Give thanks to God for the support, love and care that He provides for us through our families
• Praise God for the many blessings and challenges of living as part of our earthly family
• Praise God for Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters and their roles in guiding and caring for one another
• Praise God for the way He uses family to grow His character in us and to reveal Himself to us in new ways
• Ask God for spiritual protection over the marriages and families at Trinity Mount Barker
• Ask God for healing, strength and courage for the TMB families facing illness and hardship
• Ask God to help us all accept and cherish our roles in caring for one another, regardless of the sacrifice or discomfort to our own lives
• Ask God to sustain and strengthen people supporting and caring for other families within TMB
• Ask God to help our families read the Bible together, to reflect on and talk about what it teaches, and to respond by living lives that glorifies His name and attracts others to Him

Families in the Mount Barker Region
• Give thanks to God for the wider community of Mount Barker with its many services and provisions for families
• Give thanks to God for all those in our community that serve families, including schools, community centres, carers, counsellors and churches
• Give thanks to God for the valued role of families in our Australian culture and social networks
• Ask God to protect the roles of Mother and Father as the essential component of family in Australian society
• Praise God for the many opportunities we have to connect and build Gospel relationships with families in the wider community
• Thank God for His ongoing work in the hearts and lives of parents and families across this region
• Ask God that the gospel might break through and bring peace for the many families in our region that are estranged or in turmoil
• Ask God to help those who are supporting families through counselling and mediation; particularly for Christians involved in this process to demonstrate the Gospel in action
• Ask God that we might be diligent in our seeking to reach out and care for the families we come in contact with, for His glory
• Ask God to move powerfully in the lives of those whose families or family history hinders them from hearing or understanding the gospel
• Ask God to give wisdom to courageous leaders in order to stand for Biblical ethics and truth in our society

4 comfortable wordsOur new teaching series 4 Comfortable Words commences on Sunday, March 1st.

This series will take us to four different places in the New Testament, where we hear the good news of  Christianity explained in different ways.  Our hope is that the gift that Jesus offers us will be clearly heard in each of these passages.

If you've got questions about God, or what Christians believe, this series is for you!
If you know people who are interested in finding out about the Christian faith, or who want to know more about what Jesus offers, please invite them along!