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Sun, Apr 16, 2017
Clayton Fopp teaches on the significance and implications of Jesus' resurrection from the dead.
Sun, Apr 09, 2017
Luke demonstrates in these passages that Jesus is more powerful than any other being and circumstance, further establishing his identity and teaching us the authority that God has over our world and all our lives.
Sun, Apr 02, 2017
Jesus teaches us in his parable of the soils the distinction between those who hear God's word but eventually fall away, and those who persevere and become mature and fruitful followers.
Sun, Mar 26, 2017
Luke shows us in these verses that the way we love Jesus will reveal our understanding of sin and the value we place on our forgiveness. He uses the example of a sinful woman who had such great faith in Jesus that she ignored public opinion and violated cultural customs to express her love for God.
Sun, Mar 19, 2017
God promised in the Old Testament that he would send a messenger who would prepare the way for the Christ's arrival. John the Baptist was that messenger. In these passages, Luke gives us evidence of Jesus fulfilling God's promise. And while he didn't look like the kind of Messiah John expected, Jesus tells us not to get caught up in our preconceived ideas about him. Instead, we must come to Jesus with open eyes and open ears.
Sun, Mar 12, 2017
These passages teach us that we can't 'earn' merit before God - ie impress him - through the things we do. God's blessings come from the relationship we have with him, and this is enriched through Jesus. In this passage, the centurion recognises Jesus' authority and the power of his word, despite never seeing or meeting him. In doing so, he demonstrated greater faith than Jesus had seen in Israel.