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Sun, Jan 15, 2017
This sermon teaches us the elements of effective ministry such as discipline, hard work, teaching and focus despite suffering. Christian witness can be lonely yet also encouraging.
Sun, Jan 08, 2017
Passage: Psalm 18
Series: Psalms
Psalm 18 talks of God's salvation for the faithful, his judgement of sin and his triumph over enemies. He sees his people's needs and he turns up for them.
Sun, Jan 01, 2017
Passage: Psalm 17
Series: Psalms
Sun, Dec 25, 2016
Our Christmas Day sermon wraps up our series looking at why we need Jesus. Come and learn how we find repentance through Christ.
Sun, Dec 18, 2016
This sermon considers the role Christ played in destroying sin and the impact this has had on our relationships with God.
Sun, Dec 11, 2016
Passage: Titus 2
The first sermon in our 2016 Christmas series considers the salvation that God's grace offers us through Jesus.
Sun, Dec 04, 2016
This sermon tackles the issue of how to persevere as a Christian to the end. It explains that we should put aside notions of self-sufficiency and place all our hope in God's word. You'll also find techniques to help you along the way.
Sun, Nov 27, 2016
Here we tackle a confronting part of the Old Testament and through it consider how Christians fit into modern society.
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Geoff Lin takes us through Deuteronomy 6 to show us how to love God and remember his good during prosperity and adversity.
Sun, Nov 13, 2016
Join with us to discover through Deuteronomy 5 why Christianity is not all about "rules and regulations".
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