The men of Athens worshiped a false god whom they did not know. Paul explained to the men God’s plan of salvation. He said that God is not like the Greek idols. Only God deserves our worship! Paul talked about Jesus and the resurrection. All people can know God because Jesus took the punishment for sin that separates people from God.
We can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

Junior Youth Bible Study

What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
This Sunday our Junior Youth Bible Study is going to find out just that!
We’d love to see you!  #trinityjunioryouth
Welcome back for a cracking last term!

If you're in school years 7 - 11 you're welcome at GiG! We meet Friday nights 7:30 - 9:30 at Cornerstone College.

GiG stands for Growing in God, and that's what GiG is all about.  We have fun, eat, get to know each other, think about big issues, and spend time in small groups looking at the Bible together. This term we'll be looking at prayer! 

Come along and bring your friends!

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, or come along on Friday nights in term time to find out more.

Check out some highlights from the GiG Youth Instagram feed.





Kids' Church: Peter & Cornelius

This week in Kids Church we’ll be learning from Peter and Cornelius
God showed Peter that just as there is no “clean” and “unclean” food, there are no “clean” and “unclean” people. God calls believers to tell everyone the good news about Jesus, no matter who they are or where they come from. Jesus is the Lord of all.
We’d love to see you on Sunday! #trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

This Sunday, 22 September, is a Church Lunch.  We'd love for you to stay around after the service and join us! Please bring a plate each of (ready to eat) savoury and sweet to share.

See you there!

Junior Youth Bible Study

This Sunday in JYBS we will investigate what God's message is for us in Matthew chapters 4 and 5.
Jesus began His work on earth by asking four fisherman to follow Him and to be His disciples.
How can we be His followers?
Then He asked people to be "salt" and "light" in the world. What does that mean for us?
Looking forward to sharing with you on Sunday.

Kids' Church: Paul's First Missionary Trip

Come along to Kids Church on Sunday and learn about Paul’s first missionary trip!  We can’t wait to see you!
Paul and Barnabas faced many people who rejected the good news about Jesus. But God had a plan for Paul to share the gospel with Gentiles, no matter what troubles Paul faced. Many believed in Jesus. The church grew and the gospel was shared so that people all over the world could be saved from their sin by trusting in Jesus as Lord and Savior.
#thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids

Kids' Church: Stephen

Come along to Kids Church on Sunday and learn more about Stephen!
Stephen was killed because he was a Christian. Jesus was crucified, and He told His followers that they would be persecuted—hated, hurt, or even killed—for loving Him. Jesus also said that those who suffer for Him would be blessed. (Matthew 5:11) We can face suffering in this life because Jesus suffered first. He died and then rose again, and He is waiting for us in heaven.
#thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids

Junior Youth Bible Study

Junior Youth Bible Study is for young people in Years 4 – 6 at school.  This Sunday they’ll be learning more about what God tells us in Genesis chapter 1 … about WORK! Come along and bring all your questions! #trinityjunioryouth

Joining a church can sometimes feel a little like suddenly becoming part of a very large family! 

We love having new people join our church family, and if you're new at Trinity we're eager to make the transition as easy as possible for you!  

A Welcome Lunch is your chance to meet some other people who are new-ish, a few people who have been around a bit longer, and to enjoy a meal together. There's an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you might have about our church, who's who, and how things work at Trinity.

Our next Welcome Lunch is Sunday 25 August, from 1 PM in Littlehampton.  If you've been around for a few weeks or months, and would like to get to know your new Trinity family a little better, please join us!

You can let us know you're coming and advise us of any dietary requirements by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the Communication Slip on Sundays.

Please join us!

Kids' Church: Paul's Conversion and Baptism

We hope you can make it to Kids Church on Sunday.  We’re going to learn about Paul’s conversion and baptism!
Jesus appeared to Saul and changed him inside and out. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.
Jesus called Saul, also known as Paul, who was once an enemy to Christians, to spend the rest of his life telling people the gospel and leading them to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.
See you there!
#trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

Junior Youth Bible Study

It was great to share with many of you in JYBS last Sunday.
This week we will see what Mark chapter 10 verses 13-31 say to us.
What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus now and in the future?
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.