TCMB's Annual General Meeting is coming up on Sunday, 26 May, after the church service at 1:30pm.  If TCMB is your church home, please join us! AGM

We will elect one person to our Leadership Team for a two-year term and we'll have an update from the Senior Pastor Selection Team so we can pray for that ongoing process. Carolyn Hull has been nominated and agreed to stand for election at this coming AGM.
Being part of this meeting is one of the ways that we can express our membership of the church.  Membership of TMB Inc is open to anyone who assents to the “Objects” of TMB and the “Statement of Doctrines” as summarised in The 39 Articles of Religion.  You will find these Articles here if you're unfamiliar with them. 
Being a member of our legal body is not the only, nor the primary, way of expressing membership in our church.  Serving in gospel ministry together, giving sacrificially to the work we do, and using our gifts for the benefit of others in the Body of Christ here are all more significant ways of expressing gospel partnership, but taking part in this formal way is still an important aspect of our life together.  The AGM gives us a chance to reflect on what God has done amongst us in the previous year, to give thanks for his kindness to us and to find out some of what has been happening in the various ministry areas of our church.