If you were unable to join us last night for our Hour of Prayer, please read below for how you can be praying for us as a church.

Our Family

  • Give thanks for the vibrant network of people that make up the family at TMB and praise God that he has gifted us with genuine relationships and community.
  • Pray for young Saskia Krol. Pray that God would rid her body of the Neuroblastoma, both in her neck and in her vertebrae. Ask that Saskia’s cancer would be starved through the chemotherapy and that it would be incapable of growth or spread. 
  • Ask that a miraculous healing of Saskia’s body in Jesus name might give great glory to God and cause many people to be humbled before the God of the universe who can do all things. 
  • Praise and thank God for Saskia’s family, their faith and trust in their Father God and their willingness to share this journey with their TMB family.
  • Ask for continued unity and strength within the Krol family in the months ahead. Ask that God might give them wisdom as they navigate what family life looks like during such a long period of treatment for Saskia.  
  • Pray for Doug Bower. Ask that we at TMB might continue in love and support of both he and Roma as they continue in the journey of Doug’s brain tumour treatment.  
  • Ask that God’s healing hand might be upon Doug and that He might make a full recovery, and that through this many people might come to know Jesus and choose to follow him. 
  • Pray for Roma as she tirelessly cares for Doug and spends many hours on the road travelling to do so. Pray for stamina and renewed strength. Ask that God might help us know how to best care for them both at this time. 
  • Pray that both of these families might keep their eyes fixed on God in the long months ahead and hold fast to God’s promises that he will never leave them or forsake them, that all things work together for the good of those who love Him and that nothing can separate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus. 
  • Pray for the doctors involved in both Saskia’s and Doug’s cases. Ask that God might provide them with particular understanding and wisdom, that He might protect them from doing any harm and use them for His plans and purposes in the lives of Saskia & Doug. 

Our Ministry

  • Give thanks that we all have the privilege of playing a part in God’s work within TMB. Ask that we might each play our part with fervour and as a response to God’s great love for us. 
  • Thank God for all the ministry areas that we are able to run within TMB. 
  • Praise God for all the people that have come forward to lead the ministry areas and ask that He might use them and guide them. 
  • Ask that as TMB continues to grow and new ministry opportunities become apparent that God would raise up the people to lead them. 
  • Pray in particular for leadership gaps appearing in ministry areas for 2014 as previous leaders step down or move on to different ministry opportunities. Ask that God might fill these gaps with people ready and able to be used to continue His good work at TMB. 
  • Praise God for the people who have already come forward to fill some of those gaps. 
  • Ask that God might continue to challenge and move us out of our comfort zones and remind us constantly that the ministry of TMB belongs to Him and is not dependant on any one leader or ministry area. 
  • Pray that God might be near those who are leading ministry areas, and that they might continue in their personal discipleship and commitment to reading God’s word and prayer. 
  • Ask that God might protect those serving in multiple and time consuming ministry areas from burn out or exhaustion. Ask that the TMB family might be wise in supporting one another as we all seek to serve in the areas where we are gifted. 
  • Ask that more and more Sunday morning attendees might be challenged to find out where they can serve within the family at TMB, and that they might then be well supported and equipped as they contribute to the ministry. 

Our Leaders

  • Give praise and great thanks for the leaders God has placed among us at TMB.
  • Give thanks for the gift that the Fopp family are to TMB. Ask that God might surround and protect them as they serve us. 
  • Ask that Clayton might be given renewed strength and energy to finish a hard year well. Ask that God might especially encourage him as he looks forward to partnering with an Associate Pastor next year. 
  • Praise God for the gift of the new Associate Pastor, pray that He might prepare us, and the new pastor as we look to share life and ministry beginning in 2014. 
  • Pray for a smooth transition to the Adelaide Hills for the new associate and their family. 
  • Pray for the Leadership Team and they move into a season of transition and change as TMB looks to continue to grow and eventually plant a new Sunday gathering in coming years.
  • Pray for Paul Harrington & the wider leadership of the Trinity network, asking that God might have His in their lives and their ministry.  
  • Ask for wisdom and clarity for all the leaders as they seek to honour God and serve the family at TMB
  • Ask that God might continue to teach us how we can support and care for our leaders, that we might hold them highly and be thankful for them. 
  • Pray that God might protect our leaders from sin and temptation, keeping their feet firmly planted in the truth of God’s word so that the Holy Spirit might be the loudest voice in their lives as they teach and guide us. 

Our Community

  • Give thanks for all the great things that come with living in the Adelaide Hills and being part of the Mount Barker community. 
  • Praise God for school communities, Mum’s groups, sport teams and the like and thank Him that through these we have the opportunity to build relationships with those outside of the TMB family.
  • Ask that God would challenge us all the more to continue to share our faith when the opportunity presents itself and that we would not be ashamed of the gospel. 
  • Ask that God would continue to provide us with ways to be involved and serve the wider community, so that we might ultimately be part of the rapid spread of the gospel among the people here. 
  • Pray for the local Politians and leaders, asking that they might act with integrity and be worthy of the power entrusted to them. 
  • Pray for the community service groups that are working with people on the fringe of our society. Ask that God might reveal himself in those places and that the people doing this often thankless work might be encouraged and supported by the wider community. 
  • Pray for the other church families spread out over the Adelaide Hills, asking that God might invigorate and grow their gatherings through the consistent teaching of His word.
  • Pray for Christian Pastoral Support Workers in our schools, giving thanks for their work among students, staff and parents and asking that God might water and grow the seeds planted by CPSW’s for the growth of His Kingdom. 
  • Pray for those living within the Mount Barker community that do not have stable lifestyles or support, those homeless or without adequate food or finance. Ask that the gospel message might reach them in word and deed, that they might come to know Jesus as their saviour. 
  • Ask that we might be witness to the rapid spread of the gospel out from TMB, and that we might all take seriously the part we have to play.