On March 17 we gathered to pray for our new church plant, Trinity South Coast. Please find the prayer points below and continue to pray with us.

Trinity South Coast

Give thanks for the way God went before us in 2014, preparing the way for the initial South Coast Studies Bible study groups, and now the launch of a new church.

Pray that God will give those in the South Coast starter group many opportunities to talk to friends, family and neighbours about Jesus. Ask God to create many “divine intersections” for conversations to occur.

Pray that the existing churches in the region will be encouraged and spurred on in their gospel ministry by the launch of the new church.

Ask God that many people who have never understood the gospel of Jesus will be invited along to TSC by friends.  Pray they will hear the gospel faithfully explained, see it lived out, and come to faith in Jesus. Ask God to draw many people to himself.

Pray that many people who have been part of a church previously, but who have allowed other things in life to crowd out their faith and their trust in Jesus, will hear of TSC and will connect into church and be encouraged and built up.

Pray that the countless tasks, large and small, necessary to the life of a new church will be taken care of easily, and that they won’t present a distraction to the ministry of the church.

Ask God to be at work in the people of the South Coast even now, preparing them to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus as it’s proclaimed in the new church.

Give thanks for the provision of a Sunday venue at Investigator College, and for the good relationships enjoyed with the school.

The Trinity South Coast Team

Give thanks for the faithfulness of those on the South Coast who have been praying for a new church for many years.

Give thanks for these weeks of “Soft Launch” church services leading up to the public launch at Easter.  Pray that this time will be a great encouragement to the TSC Starter Group as they see the shape of things to come.

Pray that the South Coast starter group who have gone out from TMB will persevere well in the ministry tasks and opportunities ahead of them, convinced of the value of the ministry they are involved in for the kingdom of God.

Pray that we at TMB will be committed to praying regularly and faithfully for the ministry on the South Coast. Ask that we will grasp the fellowship in gospel partnership that we enjoy.

Pray that the TMB re-launch at Mount Barker, and consolidating to one Sunday morning gathering, will enable us to plant more and more churches so that people can come into a relationship with Jesus.

Give thanks for holidays that TSC pastor Duncan Andrews and his family had recently.  Pray that the time of refreshment will serve them well for the busy launch period ahead.

Give thanks for those in the Starter Group who have already committed to serving in a variety of ministry areas such as kids’ ministry and welcoming.