What do we know of God's love and character?  And how should we respond?

If you're in years 4 - 6 at school, we'd love for you to join us in Junior Youth Bible Study this Sunday as we begin to llook at the book of Malachi!


Being one of the three churches in the Hills Region of the Trinity Network, has lots of positives for us!  One of these is the opportunity to be taught by other preachers in the region, and for our staff and others to teach in the other churches.The Real Jesus

Starting this Sunday, 11/11, we're beginning a mini-series "The Real Jesus"  with Duncan Andrews from Trinity Church Victor Harbor.  Clayton Fopp will be preaching at Victor Harbor for the two weeks that Duncan is with us.

This week we will also be observering Remembrance Day, and the 100th anniversary of the Armistace marking the end of the First World War.

You can download the Bible study guide for this short series, or collect one on Sundays.

Christmas is coming!!!!

Isaiah and many other prophets in the Old Testament told about a King who would come and rule forever. Jesus is the promised Messiah. He will make all these words come true. 

Come along to Kids Church this Sunday as we learn more about Jesus and get ready for celebrating his birth.  We can't wait to see you!

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Hey, Year 6s!

We're really looking forward to you joining GiG Youth next year when you're in year 7! In fact, we can't wait so much, we want you to come along to GiG Youth twice this term as well!

On Fridays 9 & 23 November, you're invited to come along to GiG Youth.  You'll be able to meet the leaders and other members, get a taste for what GiG Youth will be like next year, and have a whole lot of fun! 

If you've got friends in year 6, or in high school already, invite them along as well!  You can collect an invitation on Sundays to give to your mates.

Please join us on the 9th and the 23rd, at Cornerstone at 7:30 PM, with a Bible (if you have one), and $3.  If you or your parents have any questions, please call the church on 8398 2827.

You can find out a little about GiG, and see various photos of both the serious bits and the craziness from this year, on the GiG Youth page, or you can follow us on Instagram.

This Sunday the Junior Youth will be studying John 12:12 - 36, where Jesus enters Jerusalem with the crowds cheering for him followed by him predicting his own death. 

We hope you can come along and learn how Jesus fulfilled the old prophecies made about him and why Jesus died.


We hope you can join us in Kids Church this week!  We are learning about the time Jesus turned water into wine!
Jesus performed miracles to help people believe that He is the Messiah, the Son of God. Jesus has power over everything, and those who believe in Him will have eternal life.
Come along on Sunday and find out more! #trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

We'd love for you to join us on Sunday in Kids Church as we learn more from Jesus' miracles!

Jesus proved that He can be trusted. His miracles, teaching, death, and resurrection showed that He is who He says He is. Only Jesus can save us when we look to Him in faith.

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We hope you can join us in Junior Youth Bible this Sunday as we look at 2 Peter 3!
Jesus IS coming back.
We don't know when it will be.
What do we need to do as we wait?
We need to be ready to meet Him.
By feeding the five thousand, Jesus provided for the physical needs of the crowd. The next day, Jesus called Himself the bread of life. (John 6:35)
Only Jesus is able to satisfy our souls forever by providing forgiveness, friendship with God, and eternal life.
We'd love for you to join us in Kids Church this Sunday to learn more about Jesus.
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We hope you can join us in Kids Church on Sunday!

Jesus told this story to teach the religious leaders about Himself. God sent His own Son, Jesus, to earth but the religious leaders rejected Him. Jesus is the cornerstone—the most important One of all. Only He can save us from our sin. #trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

What do the Jewish religious leaders fear about Jesus and those who were believing in Him?

And what were they planning to do to Jesus?

Come along to Junior Youth Bible Study to share your answers and find out more.  We'd love to see you this Sunday!


The times we live in are difficult. Temptation is strong and opposition to
the Truth is real. 
False teachers try to undermine God's Word.
BUT.......God has promised to give us strength to stay true to Him and to
His Word.  We hope you can join us in Junior Youth Bible Study this Sunday
to learn more!