Family Advent Readings & Activities

We've printed a new booklet to help you prepare for Christmas. You can follow the plan by yourself or involve your whole family. This booklet, Genesis to Jesus, has been prepared by Wendy Lin, and gives you daily Bible readings, prayers, points to consider and optional activities that aim to help you see God's unfolding plan of salvation throughout Advent.

You can download the 2016 Family Advent Readings and Activities booklet here or collect one from the TMB Office, or from the Welcome Desk at our services on Sundays.

Welcome to James
TMB began a new teaching series on Sunday in the letter of James.  James is an intensely practical book, that urges us to live out our faith in Jesus in every area of our lives; our words, our church gatherings, our business dealings, the way we manage our diaries, and more.
But who was James?  There are at least four men named James in the New Testament, and one verse in Acts chapter 1 mentions three of the four.  
There was James the father of Judas.  He gets mentioned really only to distinguish his son from the other Judas.  This son gets called Judas son of James … so people don’t confuse him with Judas who betrayed Jesus. Clearly this isn’t a prominent role in the life of the New Testament church, so he’s probably not the author of this letter.
Then there’s James son of Alphaeus, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples.  He’s not mentioned much at all in the New Testament … he’s a bit more of a background character … and so again probably not someone who was recognised as having the kind of authority it would take to write a letter like this; a letter that the author expects his readers to take on board, to obey, and to put into action in their life.
Then there’s another one of the 12 disciples, James the son of Zebedee, whose brother was John. They were among the very first of Jesus’ followers and were two of Jesus’ closest friends.  James and John, along with Peter, were up on the mountain with Jesus at the transfiguration, for example, in Matthew 17. So this James is exactly the sort of person who could write a letter like this.  Except, Acts 12 tells us that James the son of Zebedee was put to death by King Herod.  This happened in 44 AD, which is about two years before this letter was written.
This leaves us with James, the son of Mary and Joseph – Jesus’ half-brother.  However it’s not just by a process of elimination that we conclude this James is the author of the letter.  We know for example that he lived long enough to have written it in about AD 46.  James was killed for his faith in Jesus sometime around AD 61.  And James the brother of Jesus was certainly prominent enough and well-respected enough to be able to write like this.  He was one of the leaders in the early church and described as one of the “pillars” of the church.  In fact, James was the leader of the whole church in Jerusalem.  And there is evidence in the language and style of the letter that all points to this James as the author.
Of course, while all this can be very interesting, what’s more important is what James actually says to us in his letter, and how we put that into practice in our lives.  As James himself writes, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22
I hope you’re able to be part of our journey through James together.
Clayton Fopp

Deuteronomy: Living by faith under God's promises

DeuteronomyIn this new series, we're going to be doing things a bit differently from normal - rather than the usual practice of "continuous exposition" ie opening up a book of the bible, starting at chapter one, and making our way through it in entirety, we'll instead be considering what it means to live by faith under the promises of God by looking at the parallels with the Israelites on the edge of the Promised Land, as they hear about how to thrive in the land "flowing with milk and honey", as told in Deuteronomy 5 - 8. There will also be some Christian reflections because we are privileged to live after the first coming of God's own Son. 


You can download the Bible study guide here or collect one from the Welcome Desk on Sunday.


Join us at TMB with Geoff Lin from November 13.




SHARE lunch


TMB's Share lunches offer opportunities for our members to get to know each other better and to enjoy a meal together. 

Our next Share lunch will be held on Saturday, September 25.

If you would like to join in, please write your name on our sign-up sheet on the Welcome Desk next Sunday or RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You will be invited to share lunch at a host's home with a small group of fellow TMBers.

TMB Picnic

TMB PicnicTMBers and guests are warmly invited to attend our TMB Picnic on the lawns of Cornerstone College on Sunday, November 13. The outdoor fun will begin after our service, from about 12.30pm.

Please BYO everything you'll need for lunch, including food, drinks, chairs and blankets. You can also buy your lunch from one of the nearby takeaway stores and bring it back to Cornerstone. 

James: where the rubber hits the road


James is an exceptionally practical book!  The author, Jesus’ brother James (who incidentally didn’t believe in Jesus until after the resurrection), unpacks what discipleship looks life.  The letter is about how to live what we believe.  In particular, the letter urges us as followers of Jesus not to compromise our faith by taking on attitudes or behaviours from the world around us.

James sounds a great warning to us about being "double-minded," failing to live our whole lives in the light of God's Word. It will be good for us to hear it together!


If you want to grow in your understanding of what it looks like to follow Jesus in the 21st Century, James is a great place to start!



James 1:1 - 18

Trials and Temptations


James 1:19 - 27

Do what the word says


James 2:1 - 13

Don't Show favouritism


James 2:14 - 26

The faith that saves


James 3:1 - 18

Taming the Tongue


James 4:1 - 17

Submission & Boasting


James 5:1 - 19

Misusing wealth


During this series we will also welcome visiting preachers Ken Noakes, from Trinity City, and Tim Patrick, principal of the Bible College of SA.

TMB 10:52

TMB 10:52

You will have received on your way in to church on Sunday a brief document outlining an opportunity that we have to partner together in seeing people come to know Christ and grow to maturity as his disciples in the coming months and years.

In God’s kindness the generosity of his people has allowed us to come into existence as a church and has allowed us to be involved in all kinds of ministries.  

We’ve seen people come to faith in Christ.

We’ve baptised people.

We’ve discipled kids and youth and adults.

We've started a new church at Victor Harbor.

We’ve sent people into other parts of Australia and the world.

And we who are here have grown as disciples of Jesus.


One of the realities we’ve faced all our life as a church is that our giving has never been enough to cover our expenses.  In the past we’ve had some financial assistance from the Trinity Network, but we don’t have that any more, which means that our financial shortfall is becoming a more pressing and serious concern and we, people who call TMB their church home, are the only ones who can do anything about it.

Our projected deficit for this year is a little over $80,000, which we will carry into next year.  If our giving remains at current levels, we’re looking at a deficit of $129,000 next year.

Obviously that kind of deficit is unsustainable and puts a fairly serious question mark over the future of our church.  As you know we’re doing all we can to exit our offices to save money there, but since we have always run very lean financially, there’s not really much more we can do to reduce our costs without laying off staff. 

This has been a constant item of prayer and discussion for our Leadership Team.  And the Bible tells us not to be anxious about this kind of thing, so we want to have great confidence in God’s ability to provide. And the way that God provides for ministry is through the generosity of his people.  And so you’ll see this new opportunity is called TMB 10:52.  We’ve called it this because we’re asking every adult who considers themselves part of this family to prayerfully consider if you’re able to increase your giving to the work of the gospel here by $10 a week and in doing so, to continue to partner with your brothers and sisters here in growing disciples in Mount Barker.

There are about 120 adults who attend TMB regularly and so if each of us was able to increase our giving by $10 a week, that would put us in a much better position to continue our church life and do the ministry we’d like to do, seeing disciples made and grown right here and across the region.  There are some here I know who are already giving as generously as you can. You are sacrificing things, you are going without things that you would like in order to contribute to kingdom ministry.  We are not asking you to give more than you are able. And in fact others of us want to learn to model your example of sacrifice and going without for the sake of gospel ministry.  There may be others of us though who have never got into the habit of giving regularly and so for you to start will mean that you’ll be able to give more than $10 a week.  And no doubt there’ll be others who perhaps set up electronic giving a while ago and may be in a position to increase your giving.


As I said this is an opportunity for all of us to see our church go forward into the future.
To invest in the lives of people here as we make disciples across all our regular ministries.
And also to have an impact for Christ in our region.

You’ll be hearing a bit more from the Leadership Team about this in the next few weeks and we’re asking if you can let us know your response by Sunday, November 6.
Please speak with me or one of the Leadership Team, Matt Kerrison, Katy Walker or Nathan Watts if you’ve got any questions or you’d like any more information.

Please take a moment to read more about TMB 10:52.

The TMB Leadership Team met on Tuesday evening July 12 and were pleased to discuss, plan for and action a numbers of things. It was also great to welcome our Senior Pastor Clayton back to work! 
We have continued some planning around Bible Study Groups and we’d love to see more and more TMBers connected into small groups in coming months. We expect that there will be several new groups kicking off in the second half of 2016, so if you are interested to join a BSG please fill in a Communication Card or have a chat with one of us after the service today.
Since our meeting last week two people have been approached and asked to prayerfully consider joining the Leadership Team. Please be praying that God will raise up and equip leaders for TMB! We will be pleased to share with you more details of new additions to the team soon.
We also discussed and prayed for youth ministry and its vital role here at TMB. As a leadership team we are looking for ways to breathe new life and energy into the GiG Youth program that runs on Friday nights during school term. To this end we have decided to join together with the large youth group at our sister church Trinity Hills, at Aldgate, for terms three and four this year. We 
hope this will invigorate growth and refresh the GiG ministry, bringing new energy that can be used to kick things off back in Mount Barker in 2017. Please keep GiG in your prayers!
Our church finances continue to be a significant agenda item and the challenges of our considerable budget deficit keep us concerned and prayerful. This week we employed the help of a trusted commercial real estate agent to assist us in the leasing process that will allow us to exit the office space at 9 Hampden Road. We trust that this step will alleviate the financial pressure and allow us to focus on other areas of church life and ministry. Please join us in praying that God would provide clarity and direction as we go.
In Christ,
Nathan Watts, Matt Kerrison & Katy Walker

Meet Rahab, Deborah, Ruth, and Esther


Our new teaching series 'For such a time as this: Four women in the unfolding plan of God' starts on October 16.


In the story of God’s plans for his creation that unfolds throughout the Bible, he draws many people into his purposes.  Some are well-known, even household names in our culture.  Others are lesser known, and probably even less-well understood.  In this short teaching series, we’re going to take a look at 4 women who God draws into his story of salvation.  They are in many ways, unlikely, or unexpected characters in God’s plans, but those are exactly the sorts of people God so often chooses.


The experience of each of each of these women will teach us something of how God works for the good of his people, and the salvation that he wins in each episode points us towards the salvation God achieves for us in Christ.


This approach to a teaching series is a little different from our usual pattern of working our way systematically through sections of the Bible.  In two of these episodes, we’re going to be tackling whole books in a single sitting!  But we’re convinced that God speaks to us in all the Scriptures, and that all the Scriptures speak to us of Christ, so this series will no doubt be profitable for us as we immerse ourselves in God’s Word.


Please join us!


The Bible study guide for our new series More 'Myths Smart People Believe' is now available for download.

The guide is written for individual 1:1 and group study.

You can download the guide here.

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Marriage is a commitment for life and a serious decision. But God intends it to be fun and enjoyable too!

Join Marriage Works co-ordinators Geoff & Wendy and three Trinity couples as they explore God’s plan for marriage and how to prioritise each other and keep having fun together through different life stages.

Held at Trinity City on August 25, the event costs 5 per couple and includes supper. It goes from 7.30 to 9.30pm.

Click here for more information and to register.

Enquiries can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 08 8213 7300.