It is often said that a camel is a horse designed by a committee, and that a bus designed by a committee would have 10 steering wheels and no accelerator pedal!  Apparently there are people out there who don’t like committees!  But as I try and visualise these strange inventions, I can’t help but think about the possible similarities with church; How do we make sure we’re all on the same page? How can a diverse group of a few hundred people possibly work together, and even more – share life and fellowship together?

God, Church & Me

God, Church & Me is an opportunity to make sure we’re all working towards the same goal, to find out how things work (or how we hope they do!) and a chance for each of us to find out place in the community of Trinity Mount Barker.  In God, Church & Me, we examine our life together in the light of the Scriptures and see how the grace of God revealed to us in the Bible shapes our church life and our own individual part within the community.  GCM consists of four sessions; The first part of each is spent reading and discussing the Bible, and then the second part of each session is spent discussing how the truths we’ve seen in the Scriptures are worked out in practice at TMB in the various things we do as a church.
The four GCM sessions are:
1. God & Us
2. Scripture & Prayer
3. Growing & Giving
4. Church & Leadership
In these, you'll have a chance to hear about and ask questions about our church leadership structure, our relationship to the wider Trinity Network, how our teaching program is planned, who our key leaders are, how we handle money, how prayer shapes our community life, why we want to plant churches, how you can find your place in our community, why our church exists in the first place and lots more!
If you consider Trinity your church home, please join us on the four Wednesday nights in February; 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th, from 7:30 – 9:30 PM in the church offices.  GCM is one of the very best ways to get connected in to our church and to feel at home here. I really hope you can join us.

Easter will be here soon!

We are running a service of prayer and reflection on Good Friday the 18th of April at 10 am, followed by a family friendly communion service on Easter Sunday the 20th, at both 9am and 11am. Both Services will have kids packs avaliable.

Come and discover the true meaning behind Easter!

Looking for some clarity and hope amidst the busyness and chaos of Christmas?christmas

Please join us at one of our two services.

On both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we'll be hearing from one of the eye-witnesses of Jesus' life, and trying to get to the heart of Christmas;
What did Jesus come to do?
What hope does he offer for the world?
How can we have a meaningful Christmas?

Please join us:
Christmas Eve
10 PM:  Tea, coffee & mince pies
10:30 PM: Communion Service

Christmas Day
9 AM: Family-Friendly Service.

Littlehampton Primary School gymnasium,
Baker St, Littlehampton


For the rapid spread of the gospelThose of you who have been with us for a while will know that last year we entered into a pledging process to enable TMB members to commit to giving deliberately generously and sacrificially as each of us are able to support the ministry of our church and under God to see the good news of Jesus spread rapidly and be honoured.
It is our great goal that men and women and boys and girls in our region and beyond will have opportunities to hear the gospel and respond and so in God’s kindness be brought from death to life.
And so within that in mind and our desire to both care for members in our church family already and also to create space for those who we hope, under God, will join us we invited Darren to join our staff team.  Darren’s role is to serve us in those 2 goals and in particular to help us think about planting a new Sunday gathering in the next year or so.
And we were able to take Darren on because of the generosity of God’s people here who pledged to give; to start giving in some cases to increase giving in other cases so that we can meet the increased financial obligations we have.
If last year in that pledging process it was your intention to give towards this year’s budget even if you didn’t have a chance to respond with your pledging form but that was your intention if you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to start or adjust your giving as you had hoped can I say Now is the time that it would be really helpful for you to do that.
What we’ve experienced in previous years is that with all the busyness of a new year all the things that we and our families need to do to get the year started often thinking about our giving and acting on those intentions very easily gets squeezed out and left behind and we might not get round to thinking praying about how we can give deliberately and generously and sacrificially until perhaps March by which time because as a church our ministry costs have been consistent throughout all that time we suddenly find ourselves with a significant deficit that even when we meet budget later in the year the losses we incurred at the beginning become a significant burden and actually stop us doing the kind of ministry we want to do and that we believe God would have us do.
So later in the year or even the following year we can’t take the opportunities God lays before us simply because we put off or didn’t get round to making decisions and acting on decisions that each of us if we’re part of the Body of Christ here at Trinity should have made early in the year.
And let me say it is “should have”! 
Giving to the work of the gospel is not an optional extra for Christian people.
If you’re a follower of Jesus this issue of how you support the ministry of the gospel here and elsewhere is a question of discipleship and obedience.
It is one we have difficulty with sometimes, isn’t it?  Not many of us find it easy to give deliberately ... and generously and sacrificially so if you have any questions do come and speak with me or one of the Leadership Team Stuart Hull Jon Rudd Katy Walker Sally-Anne Kerrison or Andrew Harris.
You may recall on this pledge form we distributed last year there are some particular suggestions of things we could be praying for in regard to our finances as a church
I’m going to pray for some of those things now.
Praise God for his constant provision in our lives. Ask that we would truly place our hope in him. 1 Timothy 6:17-18
Pray that we might take seriously the part we have to play in God’s offer of reconciliation to the world. 2 Corinthians 5:18 - 20  
Pray, asking God to grow our deliberate, generous & sacrificial giving in joyful response to his great love for us.  Proverbs 3:9, 2 Corinthians 9:6 - 7
Ask that as we think & plan we would not worry, placing our trust wholly in God and his plan for us.  Philippians 4:6 - 7
Pray with fervour that above all else, the gospel message would spread rapidly from TMB and be honoured.  2 Thessalonians 3:1


FoundationsThis Sunday, January 18th, we commence a new teaching series, "Foundations."  As has been our pattern in recent years, we are beginning this new year, considering together some of the foundational truths that shape our Chirstian life - both our corporate Christian life, and our personal life of faith in Jesus.

This year, we'll be asking five questions together:

18 Jan - Why on earth would we hope for heaven?
25 Jan - Why on earth would we pray?
1 Feb - Why on earth would we plant a new church?
8 Feb - Why on earth would we get involved?
15 Feb - Why on earth would we make disciples?

Please join us as we consider again, and build upon our foundation for 2105 and beyond!  This teaching series will be the same at both 9 AM and 11 AM Church.


MCS SANT Summer Encounter 2015

Summer Encounter is a conference for missionaries and people considering missionary service, but is also an excellent two and a half day event for the whole family to engage in God's word and be encouraged and refreshed. It is a great way to start the year and be re-energised with a passion to see a world that knows Jesus!  You can click here to watch a short video about the event.

Summer Encounter 2015 runs from 8-10 January 2015 and is being held at Edwardstown Baptist Church. This facility is much closer to Adelaide City in order to make the event more accessible and affordable (20% cheaper than last year). If you haven't registered yet or would like more information, you can click here to get to the conference website.

Rev Dr. Tim Patrick, the Princial of the Bible College of South Australia will be teaching from the book of Ruth in the Bible and Dr. John Azumah who is the Associate Professor of World Christianity and Islam at Columbia Theological Seminary will also be giving some mission talks. 

Of course there will also be plenty of opportunity to talk with and hear from some CMS SANT missionaries including Andy & Jenny Bennett, Shane and Naomi Rubie, Maggie Crewes and others.

Check out the conference website and register for what will be a great event for the whole family. 

God has been extraordinarily kind to us at Trinity Mount Barker in our first three years! Our church has grown as many, many people have been drawn into our community and come under the sound of the gospel, for the first time, or as maturing disciples.

As God has built the body of Christ at TMB, we have become increasingly aware of the need for additional staff, not only to serve those connected to our existing Sunday gatherings, but also to help us see the good news of Jesus spread rapidly in our region.

We’re very excited that after months of prayerful searching, we’ve found someone we believe will make a great Associate Pastor for TMB. We’ve invited this person to join the team at the beginning of 2014, as long as we’re able to raise the finances required to pay them!

Will join with us in giving deliberately, generously and sacrificially, so that under God, we might see the good news of Jesus spread rapidly and be honoured?

You can download a copy of the For the Rapid Spread of the Gospel information and response form here. Please return completed forms by Sunday August 18th

ChildsafeAs children's programs commence on Sunday February 2nd, and GiG Youth Group kicks off on Friday January 31st, it's time for ChildSafe Medical and Personal Information Forms to be completed for another year!  If you have a child in one of these programs, please follow the links to the relevant form for your child's program. 

In order to make this process as simple and quick as possible, we have updated these forms to enable you to fill them in on your computer, print and sign them, and bring them along on the first day of the program.  You can also print off a blank form and complete it by hand if you prefer.

Please contact the office if you have any queries.

Sunday programs: Creche and Kids' Church - Medical and Personal Information Form

Friday programs: Youth Group and Kids' Club - Medical and Personal Information Form

The Fathers Day Prayer of Thanksgiving was requested in readable, printable format. Here it is in PDF form ready to print or read.

We do not have the original source document for this prayer, so if you happen to come across it please do let us know so that we can attribute it correctly.

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Our new teaching series Building a Kingdom commences on Sunday, April 12th. 

This series will take us through four parts of a story from 1 Samuel in the Old Testament with the aim to teach us something of the extent of God's ultimate plan to gather a people to himself in Christ. 

Whether you are a Christian or interested in exploring what it means to follow Jesus, it is our hope that this series will shed some light on the incredible faithfulness and provision of God, even in the face of constant rebellion by his people.  

You can find the Bible study guide that goes with this series here





Good News at Easter!

We'd love for you to join us at Trinity Mount Barker this Easter!

Good Friday, April 3 at 10am

Easter Sunday, April 5 at 10am

Both services will be held at Cornerstone College, Adelaide Rd Mount Barker.

Our Good Friday service is a service of reflection and prayer, reading through the Easter story in Mark's gospel. Children's activity packs will be distributed.

Easter Sunday will be a communion service. Kids' Church will be running as usual and we'll be serving hot cross buns after the service.

For further information please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Bible Study Guide is now available for the sermon on Psalm 11 that will be preached on November 30 2014.

You can download the Study Guide by choosing the menu options to navigate to Resources & Media | Bible Study Guides | Old Testament | Bible Study Guide - Stay or Go? (Psalm 11) or you can click on the image below: