We're gathering to pray this Wednesday, 31 June 8:00 - 9:15 PM at Cornerstone College

While we pray in all sorts of ways and on all manner of occasions, it is especially good to join together in prayer.  Gathering as a church to pray gives us an opportunity as a family to bring our concerns to God, and to join with each other in thanking God for his goodness to us!  Of course, lots of Christians also find it really encouraging to listen to others pray, and to learn from the prayers of other believers.

Please join us Wednesday 31 June, at 8 PM, in Paideia at Cornerstone College.

You can pray out loud, or not.  And if you come 15 minutes early, at 7:45, tea, coffee, and light supper will be served! 

Join with members from Trinity Churches Aldgate, Mount Barker and Victor Harbor as we spend the first part of the June long weekend together, learning from our guest speaker Peter Jensen about the exciting and important topic of The End of the World!

Peter is a former Archbishop of Sydney and a previous principal of Moore Theological College.  He was the General Secretary of GAFCON, the Global Anglican Future Conference from its inception in 2008.

Peter is a sharp theologian and an outstanding Bible teacher.  The time spent in God's Word with him over this weekend will be tremendously beneficial and encouraging for us all. Please join us!

We'll be meeting in the Atelier Theatrette at Cornerstone College, Adelaide Rd, Mount Barker. 

Friday evening, 7 June, 7 - 9:30 PM (inlcudes supper)

Saturday, 8 June 9 AM - 4:30 PM (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

Register here: bit.ly/TNHRC19

Please register by Monday, 3 June

Where to go: Atelier is the building on the Freeway side of the college campus.  You can park near the roundabout and walk across the plaza and up the steps towards Atelier, or turn off the main driveway below the gymnasium and follow the driveway through the carpark and up the hill.  The entrance to Atelier will be on your right after you turn right at the curved purple wall.  There is parking further up the hill past Atelier.

Kids' Church: A Song of Thanksgiving

Isaiah looked forward to the day when God’s words would come true—God would bless His people, and they would be thankful and tell everyone about Him. By sending His Son, God kept His promise to save people from sin. Jesus died on the cross and rose again. Those who trust in Him rejoice and are saved.

Once we experience salvation, we don’t sit back and cruise through the Christian life. Salvation is a call to action. Out of thankfulness for the Lord, we can love others like Jesus and share with the world the good news of the gospel!

Join us this Sunday in Kids Church to hear more! 

#thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids


Junior Youth Bible Study

Do you worry?
A little bit?
A lot??
This Sunday in Junior Youth Bible Study we’ll be learning what Jesus says about worry in Luke 12.  If you have kids in Years 4 – 6 in school, bring them along – we’d love for them to join us and be encouraged in following Jesus!

Kids' Church: Jesus Ascended into Heaven

Come along to Kids Church on Sunday and learn more about Jesus returning to heaven!

Jesus left earth and returned to heaven, but He did not leave us alone. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with us and help us do God’s work. One day Jesus will return to make all things new and to rule as Lord over all.
We can’t wait to see you!  #thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids

Jesus and the Doubters

We hope you can join us on Sunday for Kids Church as we learn from Thomas!
Thomas saw Jesus for himself. He saw that Jesus had been raised from the dead and was alive. He saw Jesus’ scars from the cross, where Jesus died for our sins. We have not seen Jesus, but Jesus said if we believe in Him without seeing Him, we are blessed. #thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids

Please join us in farewelling the Fopp family on Saturday, 6th July from 2 PM in the staff room at Cornerstone College.  Afternoon tea will be provided, along with a special table just for kids!

RSVP by 30th June to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would be delighted to say thank you and goodbye to the Fopp family with a gift that will fit in a suitcase and help them make a new home in London. If you'd like to contribute, please ear-mark your gift 'Fopp Family' via the collection bags or electronic banking by 30the June. 

BSB: 065 000

Account: 1174 1227

Account name: Friends of Trinity Trust - Mount Barker

Jesus Appeared to the Disciples

For 40 days, Jesus presented Himself to at least 500 people and proved that He is alive. (1 Corinthians 15:3-8) Jesus is still alive today. He sends out believers to tell others about Him and gives us power through the Holy Spirit.
Come along to Kids Church to find out more!
#thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids

Jesus Gave the Great Commission

The good news about what Jesus has done to rescue us from our sins is too great to keep to ourselves. Before Jesus went back to heaven, He gave the disciples a job to do. Jesus wants His followers to teach people everywhere about Jesus so they will trust in Him as their Lord and Saviour.
Come along to Kids Church on Sunday to learn more!  #trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

Junior Youth Bible Study

This week we will be looking at Luke 12:1-12 Why were the disciples warned about following the way of the Pharisees?
Is that a warning for us too?
What does it mean to fear God?
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday as we find out what God has planned for our lives.

Kids' Church: Jesus Forgives

When Jesus first called the disciples to follow Him, Jesus had promised to make them fishers of men. Instead of catching fish, they would tell people about Jesus. The disciples had left Jesus when He was arrested and even denied Him, but Jesus still wanted to use them in God’s plan. Jesus is the Lord who forgives us and makes things right again.
Come along to Kids Church on Sunday to find out more!
#thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids

The Emmaus Disciples 

The whole Bible is about Jesus. When Adam and Eve sinned, God began working out His plan to send Jesus to rescue people from sin. All of the Old Testament points forward to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection—the time when Jesus would bring God’s promised salvation for sinners.
Come along to Kids Church on Sunday to find out more!
#thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids