The end of the year is nearly upon us!

End of Year

Friday 7 December is the last GiG Youth night for the year, and we're going out with a bang!  Come along prepared for pancakes, fun, and thankfulness!

We'll be playing some of the best games we've had all year, enjoying pancakes, and giving thanks to God for the year.  We'll be cracking open the time capsule we created at the beginning of 2018, so if you've been around since Term 1, you'll be able to read and be reminded of what you put in then.

If you're in school years 7 - 11, please join us, Friday 7 December, 7:30 - 9:30 PM and Cornerstone.  Please bring $3 and your favourite pancake topping to share!

Christmas is nearly upon us!
5 minute adventAnd Christmas means we're likely to be busy.
Which means it often gets harder to read the Bible.
And yet we don't want to lose sight of the wonder of Jesus coming into the world!

Introducing The 5-Minute Advent!

Yes, there is lots to marvel and wonder at in the Christmas story; the coming of the eternal God into the world to bring peace for us with the God we've ignored. And we could read for hours every day and never plumb its depths!

But if you're likely to struggle to find time to pause and reflect on the good news of Christmas, we've prepared 25 short readings, that will take less than 5 minutes each day, from December 1. You can read them on your own or with your family, on the bus, or over your morning coffee.  The weeks leading up to Christmas are the time that Christians through the ages have invested in remembering Christ's first coming, and looking forward and preparing for his return. The 5-Minute Advent can help you do that, in just a few minutes each day.

You can download a copy of The 5-Minute Advent, or collect one on Sundays.

You're Welcome This Christmas!

"God ... Gave"

Probably any child you meet will tell you that Christmas is about gifts!   And it's true that Christmas speaks to us of a gift.  This year at Trinity we're celebrating by remembering God's gift to us that first Christmas.

God Gave

Please join us to celebrate the gift of Christmas.
Whether you're a regular church attender,
Just passing through town for the holidays,
Visiting with family or friends,
Looking for connection and community,
Or seeking an opportunity to reflect and give thanks,

We'd love you to join us at Trinity this Christmas!  

Please join us:

Sunday 23 December
10 AM Family Carols Service

Christmas Day
9 AM Family-Friendly Service.

Please note: Cornerstone College has informed us that the Adelaide Road entrance to the college will be closed over Christmas.  Please use the Cameron Road entrance. Parking is available if you turn right below the gymnasium and follow the driveway up the hill past the building works.

Cornerstone College
Adelaide Road, Mount Barker
See here for location and parking information


What do we know of God's love and character?  And how should we respond?

If you're in years 4 - 6 at school, we'd love for you to join us in Junior Youth Bible Study this Sunday as we begin to llook at the book of Malachi!


In response to an increasing number of requests from churches and Christian people around South Australia and in other parts of the world, we have begun producing video of talks at Trinity Church Mount Barker.


The first two talks in our "Return to Me" teaching series from the Old Testament book of Malachi are available now in the Sermons & Media library, and other talks will follow.  

Sermon audio will continue to be available on our website and via the podcast.


Below is the video for the first talk, "Malachi 1 - Begrudging Grace"






Christmas is coming!!!!

Isaiah and many other prophets in the Old Testament told about a King who would come and rule forever. Jesus is the promised Messiah. He will make all these words come true. 

Come along to Kids Church this Sunday as we learn more about Jesus and get ready for celebrating his birth.  We can't wait to see you!

#trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

Join us in Kids Church on Sunday as we continue to celebrate Christmas!
The birth of Jesus was good news! Jesus was not an ordinary baby. He is God’s Son, sent to earth from heaven. Jesus came into the world to save people from sin and to be our King. #trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

This Sunday the Junior Youth will be studying John 12:12 - 36, where Jesus enters Jerusalem with the crowds cheering for him followed by him predicting his own death. 

We hope you can come along and learn how Jesus fulfilled the old prophecies made about him and why Jesus died.


What does it feel like to be ripped off?  To not get what you deserve?

Come along to Junior Youth Bible Study this Sunday as we learn from Malachi 2 what God thinks.  Bring your Bible and lots of questions!



We'd love for you to join us on Sunday in Kids Church as we learn more from Jesus' miracles!

Jesus proved that He can be trusted. His miracles, teaching, death, and resurrection showed that He is who He says He is. Only Jesus can save us when we look to Him in faith.

#trinitykids #thegospelprojectkids

We're gathering to pray this Wednesday 28 November, 8 - 9:15 PM at Cornerstone College


While we pray in all sorts of ways and on all manner of occasions, it is especially good to join together in prayer.  Gathering as a church to pray gives us an opportunity as a family to bring our concerns to God, and to join with each other in thanking God for his goodness to us!  Of course, lots of Christians also find it really encouraging to listen to others pray, and to learn from the prayers of other believers.Prayer Gathering

This Prayer Gathering will be hosted and led by our Wednesday Evening Prepared To Serve men's group.

And you can be part of it!

Our focus is going to be praying for people who don't know Jesus; those known to us, people in our region, and those further afield.  We'll also be praying for the Pearces who are preparing to leave us to serve in Mauritius at the end of the year.

We'll also be launching a new focus for us as a church, to help us pray for people close to us who don't know Jesus.

So, please join us Wednesday 28 November, at 8 PM, in Paideia at Cornerstone College. There will be no evening TMB Bible Studies this week.  All groups will be joining in the Prayer Gathering.

You can pray out loud, or not.  And if you come 15 minutes early, at 7:45, tea, coffee, and light snacks will be served! 


By feeding the five thousand, Jesus provided for the physical needs of the crowd. The next day, Jesus called Himself the bread of life. (John 6:35)
Only Jesus is able to satisfy our souls forever by providing forgiveness, friendship with God, and eternal life.
We'd love for you to join us in Kids Church this Sunday to learn more about Jesus.
#thegospelprojectkids #trinitykids